Game Victorious is the new global platform for the Alienware brand. It presents a shift from the previously aggressive and competitive tone towards one that focuses on the drive, passion and collaborative nature of gamers. This universal insight is inspired by the concept of Fiero – the emotional and neurochemical high one experiences when they triumph over adversity. Regardless of their skill level, regardless of the game being played, all gamers experience this rush. Rallying, confident and intense, the new Alienware Game Victorious platform celebrates those gamers that crave challenges, seek out the biggest obstacles, and claim the most epic of victories.

Alienware products awaken the hero within us all. This trade show both design uses light, sound and elevation to rally gamers and challenge them to step into the Alienware world so they too can Game Victorious. It creates a fully immersive trade show presence that invites visitors to step inside and truly experience what it means to Game Victorious. I’ve also developed a series of swag pieces to promote the new brand.